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Jinfeng Recommend

  • LRO-A First stage
    1. Imported accessories account for over 90%
    2. High degree of automation operation
    A. Automatic stopping in case of sufficient water u...
  • Three-roller grinder(Triple Roller Mill)
    Suitable for emulsion, homogeneous, dispersion, mixing, crushing, grinding various emulsion material widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical ind...
  • MT-500 Automatic double sides labeling machine
    This machine is used for the surface labeling of the round, square and flat objects in such industries as medicine, daily chemical, f...
  • XGJ-6100 Capping machine
    XGJ-6100 Capping Machine A universal capping machine that can cover a variety of bottles and caps, and is often used in the production and processing ...
  • G-type screw pump ( concentrated Pump)
    G-type single screw is by circuitous turn engages new pump species displacement principle work, the main working parts are eccentric s...

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