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Are you a factory or trading company?

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We have our own 5000 sqm factory since 2005, with 6 advanced production lines. We have over 120 experienced workers, 22 experienced engineers and QC, complete warehouse management system and professional sales team.

Jinfeng Recommend

  • FR-900 Series Continuous Film Sealer
    This series sealer is in the function on continuous carry, seal and print it one operation, and enable to horizontally. Vertically and with stand, the...
  • JF Pneumatic Filling Machine
    This machine with a cylindrical inter-layer material box, electric heating, a paddle stirring device, can to paste liquid material heating, stirring, ...
  • XG-100 Automatic Capping Machine
    Applied to various of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs, pesticides, oil industry equipment, bottle machines.
  • G-type screw pump ( concentrated Pump)
    G-type single screw is by circuitous turn engages new pump species displacement principle work, the main working parts are eccentric s...
  • PMC-A Chemical Mixing Tank
    High speed disperser, strong mixing scattered viscous, solid liquid materials production can quickly dissolve in the liquid AES, AESA, LSA of refracto...

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