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How to Manufacturing Mayonnaise

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Mayonnaise and salad, usually semisolid form, is the common condiment in the western-style food. It is acid and high fat emulsion made up vegetable oil, egg, salt, sugar, spices, vinegar and emulsifying thickener. Mayonnaise is the kind of butyrous and thick sauce which is made by adding oil gradually in the egg yolk, and then condiments. The manufacturing of mayonnaise is to mainly take advantage of adipose emulsification results. Oil and water itself is incompatible. But mechanical agitating can make it evenly dispersed to form the emulsion. After placing it for a while, oil and water will be separated. If adding emulsifier into the emulsion, it can easily form relative stable emulsions. The yolk is the emulsifier when producing mayonnaise. Egg yolk contains much lecithin, which molecular structure has both hydrophilic and hydrophobic group. It has the special capacity to mix oil and water. When stirring the egg yolk by adding oil, oil will form small invisible oil droplets. On the surface of oil droplets, emulsifier faces the hydrophobic group, forming thin film around the surrounding the oil droplets. Meanwhile, hydrophilic group in the emulsifier faces hydrone, making the water and oil no separation any more.

How to Manufacturing Mayonnaise

Main technical process of manufacturing mayonnaise :

Preparation of water phrase. Weigh all raw materials respectively and dissolve some auxiliary material. Start the agitator, making it even mixture emulsion;

Stirring by adding oil. Use the high shear mixer to form circulated homogenize under the condition of vacuuming;

Traditionally, technical process of mayonnaise is to first mix egg yolk, water, condiment and vinegar, and then stir by adding oil, finally homogenize it. During this process, the efficiency of emulsifying is low because no other emulsification handling, just direct agitating.

The main equipment to manufacture mayonnaise is tank, agitator setup, high shear mixer or inline high shear pump. Jinfeng emulsifying equipment can rapidly take advantage of performance of the emulsifier. Faster speed of adding oil and improving product efficiency result in good taste of mayonnaise and good appearance. Jinfeng engineers design a system specially customized to the emulsification of egg yolk on the basis of the technical process of egg yolk in order to better adjust and optimize the whole process. For instance, in the area of emulsifying functional area, homogenizing capability is enhanced to produce finer droplets and connected the water phrase with emulsifier in the beginning, to achieve stable oil-in-water emulsification system.

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