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JF Pneumatic Filling Machine

This machine with a cylindrical inter-layer material box, electric heating, a paddle stirring device, can to paste liquid material heating, stirring, temperature control and other functions, can let the need of heating, stirring, temperature of the material within the prescribed limits of filling, reach the predetermined effect.

Working principle

This machine adopts the piston push rod structure, when the cylinder to generate strong force to drive the piston head. When the master cylinder back pull plug into the mouth to open the valve, outlet valve closed, due to memory in cylinder pressure, the material will be sucked into the cylinder, the suction stroke. The suction stroke is completed, the main cylinder will be to push the piston head, the inlet valve is closed, the outlet valve open. Boring is introduced the cylinder piston port. Through the outlet to the container for filling, the filling stroke.

The filling process includes: ① Feed hopper ②Air discharge ③Cylinder suction ④Filling material

Product description

Semi-automatic pneumatic paste liquid filling machine is a paste, liquid filling equipment of our latest development. The equipment is according to the domestic and foreign advanced filling machine technology to upgrade and innovation of products, pro - new horizontal design, lightweight and convenient. The equipment adopts pneumatic components (cylinder) and the piston push rod structure, since the work cylinder to form a vacuum cavity, negative pressure absorbing materials. So there can be filling viscous, poor flow ability material.

Product features

1.Control component and actuator (cylinder) are used in flat shot (Germany FESTO/ Taiwan AIRTAC, domestic SNS) element. Material contact part adopts 304 stainless steel materials, 316L. To meet the requirement of GMP

2.The use of compressed air as the power source, for the use of power, the machine is running without collision and hard friction, therefore suitable in a riot requirements occasions, has higher security

3.The constant volume metering and the piston push rod structure, filling the high precision of the equipment, small error (± 0.5%)

4.With adjustment handle of filling volume, the filling speed can be adjusted at, high filling accuracy

5.With automatic feeding, filling, uniform discharge, emergency stop, the filling quantity and speed can be adjusted utility function

6.Filling head adopts a cylinder valve or a mechanical valve, leak proof plugging head is provided with a filling head, to prevent the filling head wire drawing, dropping material

7.All parts are connected by a hoop, convenient assembly disassembly, cleaning, maintenance, assembly

8.The machine set (manual) and (automatic). (manual) by foot control filling, (automatic) is a continuous filling machine.

Technical parameters

Model Filling range(ml) Working speed(pcs/min) Air supply(MPa) Filling error Hopper volume(L) Machine weight(KG) Machine size(CM)
JF-5 5-60 0-40 0.4-0.6 ±1% 25 35 41*41*147
JF-15 15-150 0-40 0.4-0.6 ±1% 25 35 41*41*147
JF-25 60-250 0-30 0.4-0.6 ±1% 25 38 41*41*147
JF-50 120-500 0-30 0.4-0.6 ±1% 25 38 41*41*147
JF-100 250-1000 0-25 0.4-0.6 ±1% 35 40 41*41*147
JF-250 500-2500 0-20 0.4-0.6 ±1% 40 50 51*51*167
JF-500 500-5000 0-15 0.4-0.6 ±1% 40 65 55*55*170/180

Note: In case of nonconformity of the data in the table due to technical improvement or customization, the real objects shall prevail.

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