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JFC Movable homogenizer

This product is suitable for homogeneous, low viscosity of emulsion dispersion and emulsion manufacture, suitable for the majority of the formula, special the rotor and the stator to generate strong shearing, grinding, impact and convection, the emulsion particles reach the steady state (1-2m)

Installation considerations

Mechanical length of this machine (L) size of standard length, if need to lengthen or shorten can be matched with.

The best position of mechanical length choice for emulsified frame slot, at level 60% is the best effective depth.

Please refer to the selected emulsifier when: capacity, viscosity, treatment time, the reaction temperature, the purpose, the company business department.

Emulsification machine water bearing with self-lubricating bearing, boot device no liquid below the water bearing, to avoid causing bearing damage.

The correct parameters to provide the material object as the standard, the data is subject to change, without notice.

Technical parameters

Model JFC-1.5H JFC-4H JFC-7.5H JFC-11H JFC-22H
Power 1.5 4 7.5 11 22
Speed 2880 rpm 2880 rpm 2880 rpm 2880 rpm 2880 rpm
Width (mm) 100 115 130 140 220
Length (mm) 592 895 1168 1168 1498
Max volume 20-200L 50-300L 100-1000L 150-1000L 500-2000L
Weight 41kg 73kg 168kg 275kg 523kg

Note: In case of nonconformity of the data in the table due to technical improvement or customization, the real objects shall prevail.

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