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DGYF-500A Induction Sealing Machine

On plastics, glass and other non-metallic bottle for induction heating sealing, is one of the most advanced, popular with sealing method. By induction heating sealing products, in product quality, prevent the damp, prolong shelf life, enhance the security and the sealing speed and the sealing quality are improved. Has been the majority of drugs, chemicals, beverages, oils, cosmetics and other industries use, and become the necessary sealing equipment.

Working principle


Machine adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, by non-contact induction heating, the induction of membrane instantaneously generate heat to melt, firmly stick to the mouth of the bottle, to achieve the purpose of sealing mouth.
Performance characteristics

The machine adopts manual induction head moving sealing operation, simple operation, is provided with over current, overheat protection circuit, stable and reliable work, long service life.

Note:This machine is of no aluminum foil composite film and the vacuum aluminum plating composite membrane is invalid.

Operating instructions

1.  The machine is placed in a metal bench, connected to power boot. Note: power line area must ≥0.75mm2
2.  Voltage meter readings for the current power supply voltage.
3.  Sealing time as the initial value of 1.5 seconds, the operator should according to the sealed bottle sealing time adjustment.
4.  The loading sensing film bottles in the induction to cast, press the sealing switch, sealing time countdown, when the time to stop back to the set value, the sealing finish. Note: the center of the bottle mouth with quasi induction head center, otherwise there will be side the other side seal on prison phenomenon.
5.  Sealing time adjustment: mouth leak, for light hand seal that is off or the sealing membrane and a pad of paper without separation, the need to increase the sealing time. The bottle mouth sealing membrane wrinkled melt obviously, blistering, must shorten sealing time. Changes in the supply voltage exceeds 10V, requires a corresponding increase or decrease in sealing time.

Technical parameters


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