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DS-3 Type Vibration Spiral Feeding Machine

The product is mainly used as a granular powder feeding, suitable for food, chemical industry, building materials, plastics and packaging industry has a certain height requirements of the feeding device.

Principle Features

This machine mainly with DF-A powder filling machine supporting use, reduce dust, reduce labor intensity, improve labor efficiency; by materials can be divided into two kinds of stainless steel and carbon steel, material outlet can be custom-made into a round or square discharge port.

1. DS-3 vibrating screw feeder can lift a variety of powder material, a material box and the packing auger are made of stainless steel.
2. Feeding motor, each switch to control the vibration amplitude adjustable vibration motor, The whole spiral can be convenient disassembly, cleaning.
3. Automatic feeding, automatic stop.
4. Between the screw and barrel and bin soft connection, easy disassembly; barrel at the lower end of the valve and the reversing switch, convenient cleaning.
5. Feeding height according to user requirements and work space decision, this machine can move freely, feeding feeding fast, safe and reliable.
6. Silo with the vibration motor, make material automatically into the spiral.

Technical parameters


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