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FR-900 Series Continuous Film Sealer

This series sealer is in the function on continuous carry, seal and print it one operation, and enable to horizontally. Vertically and with stand, the machine adopts electronic constant temperature mechanism and stepless speed adopts electric constant temperature mechanism and stepless speed adjusts transmission mechanism, it can seal plastic film in various kinds of materials.

Using the principle and scope


Adopts high power heat pipe double constant temperature heating, the moment after composite plastic bag inside film melting point is reached, and then after cooling system with forming embossing wheel, the sealing after the mouth sealing dense, smooth, behind the embossing wheel with concave / convex word can suppress date, clear.
If the cookie bag , mask, instant noodles all composite plastic film sealing.

Points for attention in use

1. This machine is used to ground.
2. Safety first, the interior of the machine mold temperature, don't put hands.
3.Not recommended for the cable plug, preferably with 63A with leakage air switch.
4.Turn off the machine before the first turn, temperature, over 8-10 minutes off switch, prolongs service life of heating tubes.
5.Normal voltage above 200V can rise above 200 degrees, the highest temperature is 150 degrees below 200V.
6.To regularly on the chain wheel shaft with butter, reduce the abrasion of parts of.
7.Every day after work to clean up the health, especially the conveyor belt.
8.If a failure occurs, the professionals can not open the box, timely contact us.

Technical parameters


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