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GLF-1800 Automatic Induction Sealing Machine

Composite material electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine technology is a contemporary internationally recognized advanced sealing means, its non-contact heating characteristics to adapt to plastic bottles (PP \ PVC \ PET \ ABS \ HDPE \ PS \ DUPACON) glass bottles and various composite plastic hose And other sealing, is the current pharmaceutical, food, oil, cosmetic, home, agricultural bottled the most advanced technology. Our products using a number of the latest development of technology, technology level in the forefront of the industry, the core components are used internationally renowned brands. Products manufactured a number of rigorous testing, so excellent quality, stable and reliable performance, is the customer preferred products.

Working principle


The host will be super-audio current transmission to the sensor head, in the sensor head under the mouth of the aluminum foil by electromagnetic induction and produce super-audio current, to its instant to reach high temperature, the aluminum foil composite film melting and bonding with the bottle to achieve high-quality high-quality seal effect.

Technical parameters


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