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Jinfeng analyzes for you technical Process for Liquid Detergent

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Liquid detergent is one of the most popular product in current world. Among it, soap is the earliest one to be used for human kind. With the successful development of organic synthetic surfactant, synthetic detergent is gradually entering people’s life and liquid detergent is achieving rapid progress. Currently, there are many kinds of liquid detergents including liquid laundry detergents, dish washing detergent, personal hygiene detergent, hard surface cleaners etc. which are closely linked with our life. For instance, laundry detergent, shampoo, shower gel, shampoo, etc. Jinfeng analyzes for you technical Process for Liquid Detergent.

Usually speaking, technical process of liquid detergent adopts batch-type mass production process rather than pipelined continuous process. It’s mainly because it involves simple process and wide varieties. Really no necessary for using large investment and hard control continuous product line. Unit operations of chemical engineering and equipment involved include: mixing tank with stirrer, high efficient of emulsifying and homogenizer equipment, packaging and filling equipment, delivery pump and vacuum pump, metering pump, storage tank, heating and cooling system, filter. All the related equipment are linked by a pipeline, which is the technical process of composing liquid detergent. Furthermore, quality control in the process is very important. Principal control methods are material quality inspection, feeding material dose and metering, agitating, heating, cooling, filtering and packaging.

Technical Process for Liquid Detergent

1, Raw material preparation

Various raw material and forms of liquid detergent, so some raw material should be pre-fusion, some premixing; some dissolving. Major amount of easy-flow liquid material most employs high-order gauge tank or metering pump. impurities of some raw material should be mechanically removed. Water should be handled with deionization.

2, Mixing or emulsifying

Mixing: in the process of compound of liquid detergent, mixing the main process. Different liquid detergents has various features. Commonly, there are two compound ways. One is cooling mixing method, the other is heating mixing method.

Emulsifying: it is the most significant technology in liquid detergent. Some of the household liquid detergents are expected to add some water-insoluble additives to increase the functionality of the product; some high-grade liquid detergents are expected to be colored emulsions to satisfy the customer's favorite: some industrial liquid detergents must be made into opacity liquid in order to make its functional ingredients evenly dispersed in water. Therefore, only through the emulsification process will produce qualified emulsified products. In the production of liquid detergent, whether it is recipe or complex process, as well as production equipment, emulsified products require the highest, the most complex process. Long time experience and enriched theories has pushed the technology of liquid detergent to the right direction.

① Emulsification method.

The emulsification process includes, in addition to the choice of emulsifiers, suitable emulsification methods such as the addition of emulsifiers, the addition of the oil phase and the aqueous phase, and the emulsifying temperature. Homogenizer and colloid mill are used for forced emulsification of the machinery, such machines with a considerable shear force will be torn to a very fine emulsion particles, the formation of a stable emulsion.

② Emulsification process.

Most of the emulsification process at home and abroad still use intermittent operation method, in order to control the product quality, easy to replace the product, adaptability. Intermittent emulsification process is the oil phase and the water phase were heated to a certain temperature, and then in a certain order were put into the mixing kettle, the insulation stirring for a certain time, and then gradually cooled to below 60 ℃, adding flavor and other heat-sensitive materials, continue to stir 50 ℃ or so, pack the finished goods when discharging material.

3, Adjusting

In a variety of liquid detergent preparation process, in addition to the above items have been described in the general process and equipment, there are some typical process problems, such as fragrance, add color, adjust the viscosity, adjust the transparency, adjust the pH and so on.

4, Post processing

5, Filling

6, Quality control

For more information, please contact our technical support to build your liquid detergent production line.

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